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IaaS | Infrastructure as a Service

  1. IaaS stands for infrastructure as a service.
  2. Infrastructure as service or IaaS is the basic layer in cloud computing model. 
  3. IaaS offers servers, network devices, load balancers, database, Web servers etc.
  4. IaaS delivers customizable infrastructure on demand. 
  5. IaaS examples can be categorized in two categories
    1. IaaS Management layer
    2. IaaS Physical infrastructure
  6. Some service providers provide both above categories and some provides only management layer.
  7. IaaS management layer also required integration with ohter IaaS solutions that provide  physical infrastructure.
  8. On virtual machines applications are installed and deployed.
  9. One of the example of virtual machine is Oracle VM.
  10. Hardware virtualization includes workload partitioning, application isolation, sandboxing, and hardware tuning.
  11. Instead of purchasing user can access these virtual hardwares on pay per use basis.
  12. users can take advantage of the full customization offered by virtualization to deploy their infrastructure in the cloud.
  13. Some virtual machines can be with pre installed operating systems and other softwares.
  14. On some virtual machines operating systems and others softwares can be installed as per use.
  15. Some examples: 
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS),
    • Microsoft Azure, 
    • Google Compute Engine (GCE)
From the book of Sir Rajkumar Buyya
IaaS reference implementation

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