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Cloud service management

Service management:

  1. A system integral of supply chain management that contents actual company sales and the customer.
  2. The goal of service management is to maximize service supply chains.
  3. The purpose of service management are to reduce high costs by integrating products and services and keep inventory levels smaller.

Cloud Service Management:

  1. Cloud monitoring and cloud service management tools allow cloud providers to ensure optimal performance, continuity and efficiency in virtualized, on-demand environments. 
  2. The delivery of dynamic, cloud-based infrastructure, platform and application services doesn’t occur in a vacuum.
  3. In addition to best practices for effective administration of all the elements associated with cloud service delivery, cloud service management and cloud monitoring tools enable providers to keep up with the continually shifting capacity demands of a highly-elastic environment.
  4.  The fig illustrates that service management provides the visibility, control and automation needed for efficient cloud delivery in both public and private implementations.

Simplify user interaction with it:

  1. The user friendly self-service accelerates  time to value.
  2. Service catalogue enables standards which drives consistent service delivery.

Enable policies to lower cost with provisioning:

  1. Automatic allocating and de-allocating of resources will make delivery of services fast.
  2. Provisioning policies allow release and reuse of assets.

Increase system admin productivity:

  1. Providing the benefits to the broker will probably become a critical success factor in cloud computing.
  2. Due to the growth of service brokerage business will increase the ability of cloud consumers to use services in a trustworthy manner.
  3. These cloud mediators will help companies to choose the right platform, deploy the apps across multiple clouds.

Following are the opportunities for cloud brokers:

  1. Cloud service intermediation : The broker must need to manage the additional securities or management capabilities over the cloud.
  2. Cloud aggregation: It includes the deployment of services over multiple cloud platforms.
  3. The ability to group an application across multiple clouds will become important i.e. if one service goes down the another can be started.