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Difference between FTP and SFTP

Full formFile Transfer ProtocolSSH File Transfer Protocol
SecurityLess secure due to data transfer in clear textMore secure due to data encryption using SSH (Secure Shell) protocol
AuthenticationUsername and password-based authenticationSupports username and password-based authentication, as well as public key authentication
PortUses port 21 for control connection and port 20 for data connectionUses port 22 for both control and data connections
Data Transfer ModeCan operate in active or passive mode for data transferOperates in the secure channel established by SSH
Firewall FriendlyMay have compatibility issues with firewalls and NAT (Network Address Translation)Typically passes through firewalls and NAT without issues
File ManipulationSupports basic file operations (upload, download, delete, rename)Supports not only basic file operations but also file and directory management
Transfer IntegrityLacks built-in integrity checks for data transferIncludes built-in integrity checks to ensure data integrity during transfer
Platform CompatibilityWidely supported across different operating systems and platformsWidely supported across different operating systems and platforms
File Transfer SpeedData transfer speed may be affected by network conditionsData transfer speed may be affected by network conditions and encryption overhead
ProtocolOperates on its own protocol separate from SSHOperates within the secure SSH protocol