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Difference between CPU and GPU

Full FormCentral Processing UnitGraphics Processing Unit
ArchitectureGeneral-purposeSpecialized for parallel processing
CoresTypically fewer cores (e.g., 2-8)Larger number of cores (e.g., hundreds or thousands)
Clock SpeedHigher clock speedsLower clock speeds compared to CPUs
Instruction SetComplex, optimized for sequential tasksSimplified, optimized for parallel tasks
CacheLarger cache per coreSmaller cache per core
MemoryLower memory bandwidthHigher memory bandwidth
Power EfficiencyMore power-efficientLess power-efficient, but optimized for high-performance computing
Task ExecutionExecutes complex tasks sequentiallyExecutes multiple simple tasks simultaneously (parallel processing)
Software CompatibilityRuns a wide range of software applicationsPrimarily designed for graphics-intensive applications
Use CasesGeneral-purpose computing tasksGraphics rendering, gaming, machine learning, scientific computing, etc.