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Difference between Java and JavaScript

TypeCompiled languageInterpreted language
Execution EnvironmentJava Virtual Machine (JVM)Web browsers (client-side) and server-side environments (Node.js)
PurposeGeneral-purpose languagePrimarily used for web development
Back-End/Server-SideCommonly used for server-side programmingPrimarily used for client-side scripting
Static/Dynamic TypingStatically typedDynamically typed
SyntaxC-like syntaxECMAScript syntax
Memory ManagementAutomatic garbage collectionAutomatic garbage collection
ThreadingNative support for multithreadingSingle-threaded, supports asynchronous programming
Libraries/FrameworksRich ecosystem of libraries and frameworksVast collection of JavaScript libraries and frameworks (e.g., React, Angular)
File AccessCan access local filesRestricted access for security reasons
Mobile DevelopmentSupports Android app developmentUsed for hybrid mobile app development (e.g., with frameworks like React Native)
Desktop ApplicationsSupports desktop application developmentNot commonly used for desktop applications
Language SimilarityNo direct relation to JavaScriptNamed similarly due to marketing decision