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Difference betwenn HDD and SSD

Full formHard Disk DriveSolid State Drive
TechnologyMechanical with spinning platters and read/write headsFlash memory with no moving parts
SpeedSlower access times (measured in milliseconds)Faster access times (measured in microseconds)
Data Transfer RateLower sequential read/write speedsHigher sequential read/write speeds
Random Access TimeHigher latencyLower latency
ReliabilityProne to mechanical failuresNo mechanical parts, more reliable
DurabilitySensitive to physical shock and vibrationResistant to physical shock and vibration
Power ConsumptionHigher power consumptionLower power consumption
NoiseAudible noise due to moving partsSilent operation
Form FactorAvailable in larger capacities and various form factorsAvailable in smaller capacities and various form factors
PriceGenerally more cost-effective per unit of storageGenerally more expensive per unit of storage
LifespanLonger lifespan under normal usage conditionsFinite number of write cycles per memory cell
Usage ConsiderationsSuitable for large storage needs, secondary drivesIdeal for improved performance, primary drives, and portable devices