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Evolution of os

Evolution of OS is divided in 5 phases:

Phase 0: (1940-1955): 

  • Computers are exotic experimental equipment. 
  • Program in machine language. 
  • Use plug boards to direct computer. 
  • No overlap between computation, I/O, think time, and response time. 
  • Programs manually loaded via card decks.

Phase 1: (1955-1970):

  • User at console: one user at a time 
  • OS becomes a batch monitor. 
  • OS were written in Assembly languae.
  • No structured programming.
  • More efficient use of hardware. 
  • No protection 
  • Difficult to debug

Phase 2: (1970-1980): 

  • Interactive timesharing. 
  • One of the first timesharing systems. 
  • To let multiple users interact with the system at the same time.
  • Users do debugging, editing, and email online.
  • More than one user executes their tasks simultaneously.

Phase 3: (1980-1990):

  • Created MS- DOS. 
  • GUI operating systems was developed first time. 
  • Microsoft Windows: Win 1.0 (1985) .
  • Phase 4 (1990-2000):  
  • Networked Systems: (LAN). 
  • Different machines share resources, printers, File Servers, Web Servers.
  • Internet service providers (service between OS and apps). 

Phase 4: (2000-present): 

  • Mobile and computer operating systems have been developed in different ways and for different uses. 
  • Computer OS products are older and more familiar to larger groups of users. 
  • Through this time, Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS have emerged as the two dominant operating system designs.
  • So many types of GUI operating systems are develop in phase 5 major types are: OS system of mobiles. window 95, window 98, window XP, window crystal vista window 8, window 10.

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