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Write the different state of a process with the help of Process state deagram?

The process state diagram is a graphical representation of the different states a process can be in during its lifetime in an operating system.

Here are the different states of a process as represented in a process state diagram:

New: This is the initial state of a process. The process is being created but has not yet been admitted to the system.

Ready: A process that is ready to be executed is in the ready state. It is waiting in the ready queue for the CPU to be assigned to it.

Running: When the CPU is assigned to a process, it moves into the running state. The process is actively executing on the CPU.

Blocked: A process may move into the blocked state when it is waiting for some event to occur, such as an I/O operation or a signal from another process. The process is not currently executable and is waiting for the event to occur.

Terminated: When a process completes its execution, it moves into the terminated state. The resources allocated to the process are released, and the process is removed from the system.

Process State Diagram