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Os 2

Updated: 30-September-2017



Moving Process from main memory to disk is called :

(A) Catching
(B) Termination
(C) Swapping
(D) Interruption

Ans :- C


Catching is the process of  storing data into temporary storage area known as cache. For example whatever we surf on internet, that data is stored in cache of the browser.

Termination is the terms used in the case of process ending such that on call of exit().

Swapping is moving process from main memory to disk and vice versa.Operating system copies maximum data as possible into main memory and leaves the remaining on the disk storage. Swapping is one of the memory management techniques used by the operating system. Since the size of the RAM is limited and finite, all the processes or programs to be executed cannot be made to fit in it. So the disk is also treated as an extension of the memory and is referred to as virtual memory. Moving a process from main memory to disk is called swapping.
Interruption is a signal to the processor invoked by hardware or software indicating an event that needs immediate attention on it.

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