Explain Market based management of cloud

Explain Market based management of cloud ? Explain in detail?

ANS: The Real Potential of cloud computing resides is the fact that it actually facilitates the establishment of a market for trading IT utilities.

Market oriented cloud computing (MOCC): Market oriented cloud computing is the presence of a virtual market place where IT Service are trader and dynamically.

Reference model of market oriented cloud computing (MOCC): MOCC originated from the coordination of several components service consumers, service providers, and other entities that make trading between these two groups possible.

There are three major components of cloud exchange are:

  • Directory: the market directory contains a listing of all the published services that are available in the cloud marketplace.
  • Auctioneer: the auctioneer is in charge of keeping track of the running auctions in the market place and of verifying that the auctions for services are properly conducted and that malicious market players are prevented from performing illegal activities.
  • Bank: the bank is the component that takes care of the financial aspect of all the operations happening in the virtual market place.

Market oriented architecture for datacenters:

The major components of architecture are:

  • Brokers: they submit their service requests from anywhere in the world to the cloud.
  • SLA resource allocator: it is a kind of interface between users and cloud service provider which enable the SLA oriented resource management.
  • Service request examiner and admission control: it interprets the submitted request for QoS requirement before determining whether to accept or reject the request. Based on the resource availability in the loud and other parameter decide.
  • Pricing: it is in charge of billing based on the resource utilization and some factors. Some factor are request time, type etc.
  • Accounting: maintains the actual storage usage of resources by request so that the final coat can be charged to the users.
  • VM monitor: keeps the track on the availability of VMs and their resources.
  • Dispatcher: the dispatcher mechanism starts the execution of admitted requests on allocated VMs.
  • Cloud request monitor: it keeps the track on execution of request in order to be in tune with SLA.