Net 52

CBSE NET Q. Convert the following infix expression into its equivalent post fix expression (A + B^ D) / (E – F) + G (A) … Read more

Net 51

CBSE NET JUNE 2015 Paper II Q. The in-order and pre-order Traversal of binary Tree are dbeafcg and abdecfg respectively. The post-order Traversal  is______. A)dbefacg          B)debfagc         … Read more

Net 50

CBSE NET JUNE 2015 Paper II Q. A disk drive has 100 cylinders,numbered 0 to 99. Disk request come to the disk driver for cylinders … Read more

Net 49

CBSE NET Q. A LRU page replacement is used with four page frames and eight pages. How many page faults will occur with the reference … Read more

Net 48

CBSE NET Q. Consider an array A[20, 10], assume 4 words per memory cell and the base address of array A is 100. What is … Read more