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Readers Writes Problem | UGC NET Dec 2018

Q3. UGC NET Dec 2018 To overcome difficulties in Readers-Writers problem, which of the following statement/s is/are true? 1. Writers are given exclusive access to shared objects. 2. Readers are given exclusive access to shared objects. 3. Both Readers and Writers are given exclusive access to shared objects. Choose the correct answer from the code […]

Data warehouse | UGC NET Dec 2018

Q1. UGC NET Dec 2018  ​​​​​​​Data warehouse contains _____ data that is never found in operational environment. a) Summary b) Encoded c) Encrypted d) Scripted Sol. A data warehouse is a large collection of business data used to help an organization make decisions.  In data warehouse summaries are very valuable because they are pre-compute long operations […]

Net 52

CBSE NET Q. Convert the following infix expression into its equivalent post fix expression (A + B^ D) / (E – F) + G (A) ABD^ + EF – / G+ (B) ABD + ^EF – / G+ (C) ABD + ^EF / – G+ (D) ABD^ + EF / – G+ Ans: (A) Explanation: […]

Net 51

CBSE NET JUNE 2015 Paper II Q. The in-order and pre-order Traversal of binary Tree are dbeafcg and abdecfg respectively. The post-order Traversal  is______. A)dbefacg          B)debfagc         C)dbefcga                 D)debfgca Ans: (D) Explanation: Inorder (Left, Root, Right),Preorder (Root, Left, Right),Postorder (Left, Right, Root) Given, in-order=dbeafcg, pre-order=abdecfg. Than, binary tree from in-order and pre-order become-    Post-order from above […]

Net 50

CBSE NET JUNE 2015 Paper II Q. A disk drive has 100 cylinders,numbered 0 to 99. Disk request come to the disk driver for cylinders 12,26,24,4,42,8,50 in that order. The driver is currently serving a request at cylinder 24. A seek takes 6msec per cylinder moved. How much seek time is needed for the shortest […]

Net 49

CBSE NET Q. A LRU page replacement is used with four page frames and eight pages. How many page faults will occur with the reference string 0172327103. if the four frames are initially empty. A) 6               B) 7                       C) 5                     D) 8. Ans: (B) Explanation: LRU (Least recently used) algorithm. Here, F shows page faults […]

Net 48

CBSE NET Q. Consider an array A[20, 10], assume 4 words per memory cell and the base address of array A is 100. What is the address of A[11, 5] ? Assume row major storage. (A) 560 (B) 565 (C) 570 (D) 575 Ans: (A) Explanation: Formula for calculating address of element in row major […]

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