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Code Inspection



1) AUTHOR : Person who are responsible for software development/design. And are responsible to remove bugs/error discovered by inspeciton team.

2) MODERATOR: Team leader who plan the inspection team and inspection work.

3) READER: Person who are responsible for documenting each work performed by inpection team and present the documentation in inspection meeting.

4) RECORDER: Person who record the each defect inspected by inspection team or in inspection meeting.


1) PLANNING: Moderatoe plan the inspection team members. And provide the necessary things.

2) OVERVIEW MEETING: To make inspection team familiar with software which is going to be inspect. Skip this step if team already familiar with software.

3) PREPARATION: Before planning inspection team detection and removal of code.

4) INSPECTION MEETING: Review and meetings on the work done by inspection team.

5) REWORK: Author removes the erros discovred by inspection team.

6) FOLLOW-UP: Modertator takes a folowup with Author, and decide if further inspection needed or not. If not than code inspection is closed here.

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