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Data mining and Data Warehousing


Data Mining:

Data mining is looking for hidden, valid, and potentially useful patterns in huge data sets. Data Mining is all about discovering unsuspected/ previously unknown relationships amongst the data.

It is a multi-disciplinary skill that uses machine learning, statistics, AI and database technology.

The insights derived via Data Mining can be used for marketing, fraud detection, and scientific discovery, etc.

Data mining is also called as Knowledge discovery, Knowledge extraction, data/pattern analysis, information harvesting, etc.

Data Warehousing:

A data warehousing is defined as a technique for collecting and managing data from varied sources to provide meaningful business insights. It is a blend of technologies and components which aids the strategic use of data.

It is electronic storage of a large amount of information by a business which is designed for query and analysis instead of transaction processing. It is a process of transforming data into information and making it available to users in a timely manner to make a difference.
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