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Dia software for UML, ER, Flow Chart etc

Dia Software: 

Q1. From where I can donwload Dia software ?
Ans. From this link Download link. Or you can do Google too.
Q2. What is the name of the tool ?
Ans. Dia

Q3. Is it free of cost ?
Ans. Yes
Q4. Is it easy to use for students ?
Ans. Yes.
Q5. Can we create ER diagrams using Dia ?
Ans. Yes
Q6. Can we create UML diagrams using Dia ?
Ans. Yes.
Q7. Can we create Flow chart using Dia ?
Ans. Yes
Q8. Any UML example created by this tool ?
Ans. Visit this link Class diagram.
Q9. What is the size of Dia ?
Ans. Approx 20 mb.
Fo any other question comment in comment box below.