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PPL:Named Constants


A named constant is a variable that is bound to a value only once.

Viva Voce on Named Constants
Q1. What in const?
Ans. Constant is something that doesn’t change. In C and C++ we use the keyword const to make program elements constant. const keyword can be used with:
1. Variables
2. Pointers
3. Function arguments and return types
4. Class Data members
5. Class Member functions
6. Objects
Q2. Can we use pointer with const?
Ans. Yes using const keyword.
Q3. If a function has a non-const parameter, can  be passed a const argument while making a call ?
Ans. No. But, a function which has a const type parameter, can be passed a const type argument as well as a non-const argument.
Q4. How to define class object const.
Ans. When an object is declared or created using the const keyword, its data members can never be changed, during the object’s lifetime.
    const class_name object;
Q5. What happen if we make function with const?
Ans. A const member function never modifies data members in an object.
Q6. What is mutable keyword?
Ans. Mutable keyword is used to create Mutable data members, and a Mutable data members of a const objects can be modified.
Q7. Can constructor used with const ?
Ans. Yes
Q8. What is the use of const keyword after method declaration as in void fun() const ?
Ans. The const keyword after the method declaration essentially makes the this pointer a constant so you can not change the member data (if they aren’t mutable) .
Q9. What is int const*?
Ans. int const* is pointer to constant integer.
Effectively, this implies that the pointer is pointing to a value that shouldn’t be changed. 
Q10. What is int  *const?
Ans. int *const is a constant pointer to integer
Q11. Const Qualifier in C ?
Ans. The qualifier const can be applied to the declaration of any variable to specify that its value will not be changed ( Which depends upon where const variables are stored, we may change value of const variable by using pointer ). 
Q12. Can  const object can only call const functions.?
Ans. Yes
Q13. Const  keyword can be put after the variable name or before variable name?
Ans. Both are ok. But most programmers prefer to put const keyword before the variable name.
Q14. Why copy constructor argument should be const in C++?
Ans. One reason is to prevents objects from accidentally modified.
Q15. Explain Const member functions in C++.
Ans. Const member functions in C++ uses const keyword in function’s declaration. This not allowed them to modify the object on which they are called. It is recommended practice to make as many functions const as possible so that accidental changes to objects are avoided.
Q16. Can Const member functions call non const object.
Ans. No.
Q17. What is static const?
Ans. static const : “static const” is basically a combination of static(a storage specifier) and const(a type qualifier).

MCQs on Named Constant

Q1. The constants are also called as
A. const
B. preprocessor
C. literals

MCQs Answer

Q1. (c)

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