What is UML ?

  • Unified Modelling Language.
  • UML used for visualizing, specifying, constructing,documenting of artifact of a software system.
  • It is also used for modelling non software system.
  • It write systems blueprint.
  • It is standard for building object oriented and component based systems.
  • It describe only design or structure of a system.

History of UML?

  • Developed by OMG (Object management group) a non profit organization in 1997.

What is the need of UML ?
To create the following diagram:

Structure Modelling Diagram:

  • Class diagram
  • Object diagram
  • Component diagram
  • Package diagram
  • Composite structure
  • Deployment diagram

Behavioral Modelling Diagram:

  • Use case diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • State Machine diagram
  • Communication diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Timing diagram
  • Interaction overview diagram