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Code inspection

What is the Code Inspection in Software Testing:

  • It is the most formal type of review.
  • It is a type of Static testing.
  • Its main purpose is to find defects.
  • During code inspection documents are prepared and checked thoroughly by the reviewers.
  • A separate preparation is carried out to find the defects in product.
  • Code inspection in source code before meeting is necessary, which creates consistency.
  • Code inspection is based on rules and checklist and makes use of entry and exit criteria.
  • Involves peer examination of codes.
  • Defects found in code inspection are documented in a logging list or issue log.
  • A formal follow up is carried out by the moderator.

What are the Advantages of Code inspection ?

  • Code inspection improves overall product quality.
  • It find and removes defective efficiently and quickly.
  • It learns from previous defects and prevent occurrence same defects.

What are the Disadvantages of Code inspection?

  • Extra time and planning is needed.
  • Slow process.