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Change Management

What is Change Management ?

  • Change management refers to  managing changes to artifacts, such as code changes or documentation changes.
  • Change management means to control, support, manage changes to the software.
  • Change management can be described as the process required to implementing an organizational change.
  • Change management requires some ‘change management tools’ that  are used to prevent more than one person from modifying the artifacts at the same time.

What are Change Management Tools ?
Change Management tools are the software which are used to adopt, control, represent and effect the change required.
For example :
1) Flow Charting change management tool2) Project Planning change management tool3) Data collection change management tool, etc

What are the capacities of Change Management tools ?

  • Capacity to track whatever changes are being made.
  • To roll back changes.
  • To allow multiple path, so that different version of the software can be developed simultaneously.

What is the importance of change management ?

  • To Minimize resistance
  • To Increase engagement
  • To Improve performance
  • To Reduce costs
  • To Enhance innovation
  • To include new technologies
  • To fulfill new requirements
  • To manage security, etc