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Software Engineering


A set of instructions, codes, or programmes used to operate a computer and carry out a specific task is referred to as software. Applications, scripts, or programmes that run on devices are referred to as software.

Software can be defined as collections of programmes that instruct computers what to do. Software is typically composed of various modules that each handle a certain task, such as user-computer interaction.

Example of software

Internet browser, Operating System, Photo editor, Antivirus software, Word processor software, Application software etc.

Software Engineering

The term software Engineering is products of two words, “Software” and “Engineering”.

The word Software mean: sets of program that run on computers.

The word Engineering mean: Engineering is the application of scientific and practical knowledge to invent, build, design, maintain to improve, make framework and processes etc.

The process of designing, implementing, creating, testing, and maintaining software is known as software engineering.

It is a disciplined method for developing high-quality, reliable software.

Key terms about software engineering

Software Product

Software products are software systems that are given to the consumer along with instructions on how to use and install the software.

Types of software product

There are generally two types of software products:

  1. Generic software product.
  2. Customized product.

1. Generic Software Product

Generic products are stand-alone systems created by production units and offered for sale to any willing and able clients on the open market.

2. Customized Product

The systems that a specific consumer orders are known as customised products. For that client, some developers create the software.

Components of software product

  1. Product design.
  2. Functionality and features.
  3. Content.

1. Product design

Product design is the interactive interface in which user can engage with the product.

2. Functionality and features

Functionality is how user can interact with software and when they use it.

3. Content

Content refer to data and the information present in a software product.