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Incremental Model

  • Incremental model as the name indicated produces many versions.
  • Each version with a new functionality.
  • In it whole requirements is divided into various builds.
  • Each new build carry new functionality over previous build.
  • It seems like a multi “Waterfall Model cycle”.
  • In this each module passes through requirements, analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance etc.
  • A first working software is produced in first release of this model.
  • Development of new builds continues until the complete system is released.
  • In this whole product got ready step by step.

Following is the illustration of Incremental Model:

Advantages of Incremental Model:

  • Generates working software quickly.
  • More flexible.
  • Less costly.
  • Gives time to think new function.
  • Able to fulfill all and the new requirements of end users without stopping application use.
  • Easier to test and debug during smaller iteration.
  • Customer can respond to each build.
  • Easier to manage.

Disadvantages of Incremental Model:

  • Total cost is higher than Waterfall model.
  • Each new build requires with a new functionality.
  • Requirements can go beyond the scope decided.
  • Needs good planning and design.

When to use Incremental Model:

  • When a new technology is being used.
  • When there are some high risk features and goals.
  • When there is a need to get the product early in the market.
  • When some requirements can be evolve with time.
  • When requirements of the system easily understood and well defined.