Responsibilities of Software Project manager

  1. Planning
  2. Settings goals
  3. Time management
  4. Budget allocation and cost estimates
  5. Implementation and Monitoring

1. Planning: For a project to be successful a project manager must start planning before starting it. A projects success totally depends on the planning of the project manager.A project manager’s planning include,

  • The scope of the project– The project manager must define the scope of the project.
  • Activity schedules– A activity schedules must be plan by the project manager, such as what job a team member will perform and when etc.
  • Gantt chart-All the activities allotted by the project manager must be located into a Gantt chart.
  • Potential risks– Project manager must plan about any hidden risk which can occur in future.

2. Setting goals: Project manager must set measurable goals that should define overall project’s objective.
For example: Duration of project completion, such as project will get completed within a year in the budget of Rs. 100000.

3. Time management: A project manager has to manage time for all the activities for the completion of the project and get ready for any delay in any of the activities.

4. Budget allocation and cost estimation: Project manager must assign budgets to the various activities in the project. And prepare cost estimation that might be needed in the project.

5. Implementation of project: Implementation in project means executing and completing on time the project activities.

6. Monitoring of project: Execution of activities must be monitored by the project manager for successful completion of the project.