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Software Configuration Management (SCM)

What is software configuration management ?

  • In software engineering, Software configuration management is the task of tracking and controlling changes in software.
  • SCM  includes revision control and establishment of Baselines.
  • Software configuration management can be abbreviated as SCM or S/W CM.

What is the purpose of SCM ?

  • To identify the change in software.
  • To control the change in software.
  • To ensure that the change is properly implemented.
  • To report the changes to all the peoples who needed to know this.

SCM works on what changes ?

  • Software Code
    • Source Code
    • Object Code
  • Data
    • Test cases, test scripts
    • Parameters, code,….
  • Documents
    • Test reports
    • Test plans

Which factors affect the proposed changes ?

  • Expected contribution by the people in the proposed changes.
  • Urgency of the proposed change.
  • Effect on proposed change by project timetables, level of service, etc.
  • Efforts require in making the change operational.
  • Required software quality assurance efforts.

What is baseline in SCM ?

  • Baseline is a software configuration management concept that helps us to control changes without seriously disturbing the changes that may be warranted.
  • Baseline can be defined as : “ A specification or product that has been formally reviewed and agreed upon that thereafter serves as the bases for further development, and that can be changed only through formal change control procedure.”

What is the purpose behind use of Baseline ?

  • Creation of a baseline is usually a milestone in the schedule
  • Everyone uses the same current baselines
  • To change the baseline requires a formal process