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Electrical and Control Systems MCQS

1. What is the primary component used in the construction of lead acid batteries?
a) Zinc
b) Lead
c) Aluminum
d) Copper

Answer: b) Lead
Explanation: Lead is the primary component used in the construction of lead acid batteries. It forms the electrodes and plates within the battery, facilitating the electrochemical reactions that store and release energy.

2. Which of the following is NOT a common test conducted on lead acid batteries?
a) Voltage test
b) Specific gravity test
c) Load test
d) pH test

Answer: d) pH test
Explanation: While pH tests are common in chemistry, they are not typically conducted on lead acid batteries. Common tests include voltage tests, specific gravity tests, and load tests to assess battery health and performance.

3. What is the primary function of a starter relay switch in an automobile?
a) Regulate fuel flow
b) Control horn operation
c) Activate the starter motor
d) Adjust headlight brightness

Answer: c) Activate the starter motor
Explanation: A starter relay switch is responsible for activating the starter motor when the ignition key is turned. It allows high current to flow from the battery to the starter motor, initiating the engine’s cranking process.

4. Which component regulates the electric fuel gauge in a vehicle?
a) Alternator
b) Fuel pump
c) Voltage regulator
d) Thermostat

Answer: c) Voltage regulator
Explanation: The voltage regulator controls the amount of electrical charge flowing to the electric fuel gauge, ensuring accurate readings of the fuel level in the vehicle’s tank.

5. What is the main purpose of a fuel pump in an automobile?
a) Illuminate the headlights
b) Provide power to the horn
c) Pump fuel from the tank to the engine
d) Control windshield wiper speed

Answer: c) Pump fuel from the tank to the engine
Explanation: The fuel pump’s primary function is to deliver fuel from the vehicle’s fuel tank to the engine, where it is mixed with air and combusted to generate power.

6. What can cause headlight dazzling for oncoming drivers?
a) Low battery voltage
b) Dirty headlights
c) Incorrect alignment
d) Faulty fuel gauge

Answer: c) Incorrect alignment
Explanation: If headlights are not properly aligned, they can shine too high or too low, causing dazzling for oncoming drivers and reducing visibility on the road.

7. Which system provides audible warnings to other drivers and pedestrians?
a) Lighting system
b) Signaling devices
c) Starter motor
d) Fuel pump

Answer: b) Signaling devices
Explanation: Signaling devices, such as turn signals and hazard lights, provide audible and visual warnings to other drivers and pedestrians, indicating the driver’s intention to change lanes or make a turn.

8. What is a key advantage of microprocessor-based control systems in automobiles?
a) Reduced complexity
b) Higher fuel consumption
c) Limited functionality
d) Lower reliability

Answer: a) Reduced complexity
Explanation: Microprocessor-based control systems in automobiles offer reduced complexity compared to traditional mechanical systems, enabling more precise control over various vehicle functions and improving overall performance.

9. What is the significance of scheduled maintenance in vehicle care?
a) It prolongs the vehicle’s lifespan
b) It voids warranty agreements
c) It increases fuel consumption
d) It accelerates engine wear

Answer: a) It prolongs the vehicle’s lifespan
Explanation: Scheduled maintenance involves regularly servicing the vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations, which helps prevent breakdowns, prolongs the vehicle’s lifespan, and maintains its optimal performance.

10. What is the primary purpose of wheel alignment in vehicle maintenance?
a) Improving fuel efficiency
b) Enhancing engine performance
c) Ensuring even tire wear
d) Boosting horn volume

Answer: c) Ensuring even tire wear
Explanation: Wheel alignment ensures that the vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned with each other and perpendicular to the ground, promoting even tire wear and extending tire life.

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