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Define and explain the term confidentiality policy.

Confidentiality Policy:

A confidentiality policy is like a set of rules that focus on keeping information private and secure. Imagine it as a set of guidelines that tell us what information is off-limits for others to access and share. This is crucial because it’s related to the idea of privacy, something that laws in many places take very seriously.

Now, this policy puts restrictions on what information can be legally collected from people. It also sets limits on how this information can be shared or used. If someone breaks these rules and reveals confidential information without permission, they can face serious consequences like fines or even jail time.

The interesting thing about confidentiality policies is that they don’t really trust things like documents or files to stay secret on their own. Instead, the policy itself decides whether a piece of information can be shared. It doesn’t tell us if we should believe the information; it just tells us whether it’s okay to pass it along.

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