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What are the components of IDS ?

Components of intrusion detection system are :

  1. Packet Decoder: Think of it like a translator for network packets. It takes packets from different networks and translates them so the system can understand and analyze them.
  2. Preprocessor: This is like a data organizer. It gets the translated packets and makes sure they are in the right format for analysis. It also fixes any issues with the packets and puts them in order.
  3. Detection Engine: Imagine this as the brain of the system. It looks at the organized packets and checks them against predefined rules (like a checklist). If a packet matches a rule, it’s flagged as a potential threat. If not, it’s allowed through.
  4. Logging and Alerting System: This is like a security guard. If the detection engine finds something suspicious, it either logs the information (keeps a record) or alerts the system to take action.
  5. Output Modules: These are the decision-makers. They control what happens next. Depending on the severity of the threat, they decide if the information should be logged for future reference or if an immediate action needs to be taken.

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