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What are the characteristics and features of Unix ?

Characteristics of Unix:

Memory Management:

  • Unix keeps track of the computer’s memory usage, determining which parts are in use and by whom.
  • It allocates memory when a program requests it.

Processor Management:

  • Unix manages the central processing unit (CPU) by assigning it to a process when needed and deallocating it when not in use.

Device Management:

  • It keeps track of all devices, deciding how much time each should be given and prioritizing their usage.

File Management:

  • Unix handles the allocation and deallocation of resources, deciding which processes should have access to them.


  • Unix employs password and other techniques to prevent unauthorized access to programs and data.

Features of Unix:


  • Unix can be installed on various hardware platforms, making it versatile and adaptable to different systems.

Multi-User Support:

  • Unix allows multiple users to share hardware and software concurrently, facilitating collaboration.


  • Users can run more than one program simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Organized File System:

  • Unix has a structured file and directory system, making it easy for users to organize and manage files.

Device Independence:

  • Unix treats input and output devices like ordinary files, and its design feature, redirection, enables easy control over file destinations.


  • Unix provides a wide range of utilities that enhance user productivity by performing various tasks efficiently.

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