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Why is security hard ?

Complexity is a problem: Think of computer systems like big puzzles. The more pieces there are, the harder it is to keep everything secure. Computers and the internet have become incredibly complex.

Hackers go for weaknesses: Imagine a fortress with many doors and windows. The more doors and windows there are, the easier it is for someone to find a way in. In the computer world, we call this the “attack surface.”

Huge advantage for hackers: If a system is like a giant castle, a complex system is like a castle with many secret passages and hidden entrances. A hacker only needs to find one of these to break in. They can keep trying until they succeed.

Defenders have a tough job: Picture defending that castle. You have to make sure every door, window, and secret passage is secure. It’s a lot of work, especially when there are so many ways for a hacker to try and get in.

Attack costs less than defense: Imagine building the castle versus trying to break in. It’s easier and cheaper for someone to try and find a weak point than it is for the defender to protect every possible way in.

Constant improvement, but still hard: Even though we’ve gotten better at securing things over the years, the complexity keeps growing. It’s like trying to make a puzzle harder and harder while still keeping it safe.

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