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What are the properties and requirements for a digital signature ?

Properties of a Digital Signature:

Verification of Author, Date, and Time:

Authentication of Message Content:

  • It should ensure that the message’s contents haven’t changed since the signature was applied.

Involvement of a Trusted Third Party:

  • A reliable third party should be available to settle disputes by verifying the digital signature.

Requirements for a Digital Signature:

Bit Pattern Signature:

  • The signature is essentially a unique pattern of bits related to the specific message being signed.

Unique Sender Information:

  • The signature must include details unique to the sender to prevent forgery and deny false claims.

User-Friendly Processes:

  • Creating, recognizing, and verifying the digital signature should be user-friendly and not overly complicated.

Computational Effort for Security:

  • It should be challenging and computationally intensive to forge a digital signature, ensuring a high level of security.

Storage of Digital Signature Copy:

  • Copies of digital signatures should be stored securely for reference and verification

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