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What are the problems related with MAC ?

Following are the different problems in MAC :

Requirement of new security levels:

a. In MAC, regular people (outside the organization) don’t have a security level to access specific data, limiting marketing efforts.

b. This lack of access hinders an organization’s growth.

c. An update is needed to adjust security levels and allow access for non-organization individuals.


a. MAC assigns security levels to both subjects (users) and objects (data).

b. These levels are linked to values within attributes.

c. The Bell-LaPadula model serves as the foundation for MAC.


a. Polyinstantiation involves creating multiple instances of a tuple (data record).

b. For example, a user with a confidential security level can view data at their level or lower, with other values displayed as NULL.

c. This user can access and modify other values using a key from the relation at the lowest security level.

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