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Define routing protocols.

What are Routing Protocols?

  • Routing protocols are like traffic guides for the internet. They help routers communicate and share information so they can figure out the best paths to send data between any two points on a network.

What do Routers do?

  • Routers are like traffic cops on the internet. They direct data packets (like virtual mail) from one router to another until they reach their final destination, which is usually a computer.

How do Routing Algorithms Work?

  • Think of routing algorithms as GPS for routers. They figure out the best routes for data to travel. Each router only knows about the networks directly connected to it.

How is Information Shared?

  • Routers share information like friendly neighbors passing notes. They start by sharing info with nearby routers, and then this information spreads across the entire network. This way, all routers know how the network is connected.

Why is Dynamic Adjustment Important?

  • Imagine the internet as a busy road. Sometimes, roads can be closed, or there might be traffic jams. Routing protocols are like smart GPS that can change the route if a road is closed or a computer is not working. They help the network adapt to changes.

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