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Explain various types of rootkits.

Types of rootkits :

  1. Application Rootkits:
    • These replace good files with infected ones on your computer.
    • They target common programs like Microsoft Office, Notepad, or Paint.
    • Every time you run these programs, attackers can access your computer.
    • Antivirus programs can usually catch them because they operate on the application layer.
  2. Kernel Rootkits:
    • Attackers use these to change how the operating system works by adding harmful code.
    • This gives them a chance to easily steal personal info.
  3. Bootloader Rootkits:
    • Bootloaders start your computer’s operating system.
    • These rootkits replace the original bootloader with an infected one.
    • They are active even before the operating system is fully loaded.
  4. Hardware and Firmware Rootkits:
    • This kind of rootkit can access your computer’s essential systems like BIOS, hard drives, routers, memory chips, and network cards.
  5. Virtualized Rootkits:
    • These rootkits use virtual machines to control operating systems.
    • They create a virtual machine before your system fully loads and then take control.
    • They operate at a higher level than operating systems, making them hard to detect.

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