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What are the features of intrusion detection system ?

Features of an intrusion detection system are :

Monitoring and Analysis:

  • IDS keeps an eye on what users and the system are doing.
  • It analyzes activities to spot anything suspicious or unusual.

Auditing System Files:

  • It checks and keeps a record of important system files and settings.
  • This helps in making sure everything is as it should be.

Assessing File Integrity:

  • IDS looks at the integrity of system and data files.
  • It ensures that files haven’t been tampered with or corrupted.

Analyzing Attack Patterns:

  • It studies known attack patterns.
  • If it sees something resembling a known attack, it raises a flag.

Detecting Configuration Errors:

  • It finds and alerts about mistakes in how the system is set up.
  • This helps in fixing potential vulnerabilities.

Warning of System Danger:

  • If the system is at risk or under attack, IDS sends a warning.
  • It acts like a security guard, alerting when there’s trouble.

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