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Discuss the need of intrusion detection system.

Spotting Bad Stuff: An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is like a security guard for computer networks. Its main job is to watch for any signs of trouble or “bad guys” trying to mess with the network.

Alerting the Heroes: When the IDS sees something fishy, it’s programmed to yell, “Hey, something’s not right!” This alert goes to the IT people, the heroes in charge, so they can check things out.

Eyes Everywhere: The IDS doesn’t just look at the front door; it watches all the doors and windows. It keeps an eye on both the stuff coming into the network and the stuff going out. It’s like having security cameras all around your house.

Warning Signs: Imagine the IDS as a super-smart friend who knows about all the tricks the bad guys might try. If it sees anything suspicious, like someone trying to break in or send harmful messages, it raises a red flag. This way, the IT heroes can investigate and stop any trouble before it becomes a big problem.

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