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What do you understand by VM based isolation?

VM (Virtual Machine) based isolation refers to the use of virtualization technology to create isolated environments on a computer system.

Isolated Environment: A VM is like a separate, self-contained computer within your actual computer. It has its own set of resources, such as memory and processing power.

Multiple Instances: Even though all VMs are supported by a single physical system, they give the illusion of running independently on the bare hardware. It’s like having multiple computers in one.

Process VM: This is like a temporary virtual platform created for a specific task or program. It’s created when you run a program and disappears when the program is done.

Application VMs: Most operating systems create a process VM for each application. Some interesting ones can run programs compiled in a different “language” (instruction set)

System VM: This supports an entire operating system along with many user processes. An application VM, like the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), provides a platform-independent space for running specific applications.

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