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What is Transport Layer Security (TLS) ?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is like a bodyguard for your internet communication. It’s a protocol (set of rules) that makes sure when your computer talks to a server over the internet, the conversation is private, secure, and trustworthy.

  1. Keeps Your Secrets Safe:
    • It ensures that the information you send and receive online stays private. No one should be able to eavesdrop on your conversations.
  2. Makes Sure Nobody Messes with Your Data:
    • TLS guarantees that the data you send or receive hasn’t been tampered with during its journey through the internet. It’s like putting a lock on your digital messages.
  3. Successor to SSL:
    • TLS is an upgraded version of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. It’s like a newer and improved model of the same security concept.
  4. Widely Used in Everyday Internet Activities:
    • Whenever you use a web browser, send files, connect to a VPN, use remote desktops, or make Voice over IP (VoIP) calls, TLS is working behind the scenes to keep everything secure.
  5. Critical for Online Security:
    • TLS is crucial for securing things like web browsing, accessing applications, transferring data, and most of what you do on the internet.
  6. No Eavesdropping Allowed:
    • It ensures that nobody can secretly listen in on your online conversations or steal your information as it travels between your computer and the server.
  7. Used Everywhere Online:
    • TLS is used to secure web browsers, servers, VPNs, database connections, and more. It’s like a guardian for various online activities.

TLS has two main parts:

  • Handshake Protocol:
    • Think of it as a friendly introduction before the serious conversation starts. The client (your device) and the server authenticate each other and agree on how to keep the conversation secret.
  • Record Protocol:
    • This is the actual secure conversation. It makes sure that the data you send and receive is wrapped in a protective layer, like putting your message in a secure envelope before sending it.

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