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Describe briefly Domain Name Server (DNS).

What is DNS? DNS, or Domain Name Server, is like a giant phone book for the internet. Its main job is to convert easy-to-remember names (like into the actual numeric addresses that computers use to communicate on the internet (IP addresses).

Tree-Like Structure: Think of DNS as a big tree. At the top are the main branches, like “.com” and “.org.” These are the top-level domains (TLDs). Below them, you have branches for specific websites, and at the very ends of the branches are the individual computers or servers, which are called hosts.

Database for the Internet: Imagine DNS as a massive database that millions of computers access whenever you type a web address. It helps your computer figure out which numeric address corresponds to the name you typed in so you can reach the right website or send emails.

DNS Attacks: Unfortunately, bad actors sometimes try to mess with this system. They might target the servers holding the domain names (like attacking the phone book) or try to find weaknesses in the system itself to exploit and cause trouble.

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