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How to prevent buffer overflow attack ?

Address Space Randomization (ASLR):

  • Analogy: Shuffling houses in a neighborhood.
  • Explanation: ASLR randomizes the memory addresses where different components (like code) are stored, making it difficult for attackers to predict and target specific locations. This acts like a security measure by introducing randomness to the memory layout.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP):

  • Analogy: Designating zones on a playground for specific activities.
  • Explanation: DEP separates the memory into zones where only data or code execution is allowed. It prevents attackers from injecting and running their code in areas meant for data, adding a layer of defense against certain types of attacks.

Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection (SEHOP):

  1. Analogy: Protecting a superhero’s plans by securing their notes.
  2. Explanation: SEHOP safeguards the Structured Exception Handler (the superhero in the analogy) from being manipulated by attackers. It prevents them from overwriting essential information, ensuring that the system’s error-handling mechanisms are not exploited for malicious purposes.

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