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Explain working of browser isolation.

Disposable Environment:

  • Imagine getting a new, clean space every time you start browsing.
  • This happens through tricks like virtualization, containerization, or using the cloud.

Reset After Use:

  • When you finish browsing or if the session times out, everything in that protective bubble is wiped clean.
  • Think of it like throwing away all the garbage after using a disposable cup.

Blocking Bad Stuff:

  • If there’s any nasty code or harmful stuff on a website, it gets tossed out with the rest of the disposable environment.
  • This means it never gets a chance to reach your computer or network.

Treating Everything as Suspicious:

  • All websites and files are treated like potential troublemakers unless someone specifically says they’re okay.
  • It’s like treating all strangers with caution until you know they’re trustworthy.

Equal Treatment for Files:

  • In this protected space, files can be looked at without downloading them, just to make sure they’re safe.
  • It’s like checking a gift without unwrapping it to see if it’s okay.

Different from Other Methods:

  • Unlike some other security methods that play favorites and let certain things through based on signs, this one treats everything equally.
  • It’s like having a strict bouncer at a club who doesn’t let anyone in without a thorough check.

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