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Explain the purpose of rootkit. What are the examples of rootkits ?

Purpose of Rootkits:

  1. Secret Access: A rootkit is like a sneaky tool used by bad actors to secretly control and access your computer without you knowing.
  2. Avoid Detection: It tries to hide itself by messing with your computer, making it hard for antivirus or security programs to find it.

Examples of Rootkits:

  1. NTRootkit: One of the first sneaky tools that tried to control computers running Windows.
  2. HackerDefender: This early bad program messed with the basic functions of the operating system on Windows computers.
  3. Machiavelli: The first rootkit designed to mess with Mac computers. It created hidden commands and threads in the system.
  4. Greek Wiretapping: A rootkit aimed at a specific telephone system. It shows that rootkits can target not just computers but other types of technology too.

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