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What are the components of access control system ?

Basics components of access control system are :

Access Cards:

  • These are like electronic keys.
  • People use them to unlock doors controlled by the access control system.
  • Access cards are unique and encoded, usually the size of a credit card.

Card Readers:

  • Devices that electronically read access cards.
  • Can be of the insertion type or mounted on the outside of doors.

Access Control Keypads:

  • Numeric keypads that can be used instead of card readers or in addition to them.
  • Require entering a correct code to gain access.

Electric Lock Hardware:

  • Equipment that electronically locks and unlocks doors.
  • Designed to control entry into a building without restricting exit.

Access Control Field Panels:

  • Also known as Intelligent Controllers.
  • Installed in buildings to process access control at the local level.
  • Connect card readers, electric locks, and other devices.

Access Control Server Computer:

  • The brain of the system.
  • Central database and file manager.
  • Records system activity and communicates with field panels.
  • Typically a dedicated computer with special software.

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