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What is an email certificate ?

What is an Email Certificate?

  • It’s like a digital ID card for your emails.
  • It helps in two main things: signing and encrypting emails.

What does it mean to Encrypt an Email?

  • When you encrypt an email, it’s like putting it in a special locked box.
  • Only the person you sent it to has the key to open and read it.
  • Also, they can be sure no one messed with the email while it was on its way.

How do we use an Email Certificate?

  • It’s like adding a superpower to your email app.
  • You install a small digital file (the certificate) in your email app.
  • Now, your emails can be sent in a special, secure way.

What is S/MIME?

  • It stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.
  • It’s like a badge that lets you do two cool things: sign and encrypt emails.

What can you do with an S/MIME Email Certificate?

  • Encrypt Emails:
    • It’s like putting your message in a secret code only your friend can understand.
  • Digitally Sign Emails:
    • It’s like putting your special stamp on the email so your friend knows it’s really from you and not a sneaky imposter.

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