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Explain integer overflow attack.

  1. What is an integer overflow attack? An integer overflow attack happens when a number in a program becomes unexpectedly large.
  2. How does it commonly occur? Usually, attackers make a program allocate a space (buffer) that’s too small to hold the data it will later copy into it. This sets the stage for a buffer overflow attack.
  3. How can we detect it? Detecting integer overflow attacks is similar to spotting normal buffer overflow attacks.
  4. What is an integer overflow? An integer overflow occurs when the result of a math operation (like adding or multiplying) is bigger than the maximum size the program can handle.
  5. What happens when an integer overflow occurs? Imagine you have a clock that goes up to 12:00. If it suddenly jumps from 12:00 to 1:00, it’s like an integer overflow. In programming, the value wraps around from the maximum to the minimum, just like the clock.

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