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Describe the problems related with computer security.

Problems related with computer security are:

  1. Phishing: Bad guys try to trick you into giving away personal info (like passwords) by pretending to be someone trustworthy, usually through emails or social media.
  2. Vishing (Voice Phishing): Scammers call you, pretending to be from a legit source, and try to get you to spill personal info or transfer money over the phone.
  3. Smishing (SMS Phishing): Sneaky text messages are sent to trick you into paying money or clicking on sketchy links.
  4. Pharming: Cyber crooks redirect website traffic to a fake one, either by messing with your computer’s settings or exploiting weaknesses in the internet’s address system (DNS).
  5. Vulnerability: Software mistakes that let the bad guys break into systems or networks easily, giving them super-level access.
  6. Exposures: This provides sneaky access to systems or networks, letting hackers secretly grab sensitive information.

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