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Differentiate between active and passive attack.

Comparison BasisActive AttackPassive Attack
Task PerformedAttempts to change system resources or affect operationAttempts to read or make use of information from the system
Emphasis is onCausing direct harm to the systemObserving and obtaining information without causing harm
OccurrenceOccurs when an unauthorized party actively modifies data or disrupts resourcesDoes not actively disrupt or modify data; focuses on monitoring and extracting information
Damage to SystemAlways causes damage to the system (integrity and availability)Does not cause immediate damage; primarily poses a threat to confidentiality
Attack AwarenessThe entity (victim) is generally informed about the active attack as it directly impacts the system’s operationThe entity (victim) may be unaware of a passive attack since it does not directly impact the system’s operation
DetectionActive attacks are usually easier to detect as they involve noticeable changes to the system.Passive attacks can be challenging to detect as they involve eavesdropping or monitoring without making noticeable changes to the system.

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