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Differentiate between DAC and MAC.

AspectDAC (Discretionary Access Control)MAC (Mandatory Access Control)
1. Type of Access ControlDAC is a type of access controlMAC is a type of access control
where the owner of a resourcethat restricts access to resources
restricts access based on user identitybased on subject clearance.
2. AcronymStands for Discretionary Access ControlStands for Mandatory Access Control
3. Access DeterminationAccess is determined by the ownerAccess is determined by the system
of the resource.
4. FlexibilityMore flexible as owners canLess flexible as access control is
set and modify permissions at will.determined by the system policies.
5. SecurityNot as secure as MAC since theMore secure than DAC because
access control is at the discretionaccess control is centrally
of the resource owner.managed and enforced by the system.

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