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What are the components of security policy ?

Following are the components of security policy:

  1. Training:
    • What is it? Educating employees about cybersecurity.
    • Why is it important? Helps staff understand and respond to cyber threats.
    • Example: Regular sessions teaching how to identify phishing emails.
  2. Passwords:
    • What is it? Using strong passwords for protection.
    • Why is it important? Acts as a defense against hackers.
    • Example: Encouraging complex passwords and regular updates.
  3. Mobile Devices:
    • What is it? Managing and securing mobile devices.
    • Why is it important? Deals with the risks associated with employee-owned devices.
    • Example: Policies on which devices can be used and how data is handled.
  4. Internet Use:
    • What is it? Guidelines on how employees use the internet.
    • Why is it important? Reduces cybersecurity risks related to web activities.
    • Example: Defining acceptable internet usage, avoiding risky content.
  5. Social Media:
    • What is it? Rules regarding social media use.
    • Why is it important? Prevents hackers from exploiting social platforms.
    • Example: Policies on sharing work-related information online.

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