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Discuss the features of DNS rebinding attack.

Features of DNS rebinding attacks :

Custom DNS Server:

  • Creates a fake DNS server that links the attacker’s web server to the target victim’s machine.

HTTP Server for Serving Malicious Content:

  • Delivers harmful HTML pages and JavaScript code to targeted users during the attack.

Various Attack Payloads:

  • Offers different attack scenarios, from capturing a target application’s home page to executing remote code. Easily customizable for new attacks.

Concurrency Support:

  • Can handle multiple attack instances simultaneously.

Flexible DNS Rebinding Strategies:

  • Uses different approaches to map the attacker’s domain to the victim’s IP, making it harder for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to detect and block the attack.

Technical Controls for Reliability and Speed:

  • a. Disables features like HTTP keep alive, caching, and DNS prefetching to enhance attack efficiency.
  • b. Sets aggressive Time-To-Live (TTL) for DNS responses.

Dynamic Allocation of HTTP Servers:

  • a. Allows changing HTTP server ports without restarting the attack tool.
  • b. Prepares to exploit vulnerable ports discovered after scanning, increasing the attack surface.

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