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Discuss the security mechanism used to provide security in computer system.

Security mechanisms used to provide security in computer system are:


  • What it does: Converts information from regular text (plaintext) to a secret code (ciphertext) using algorithms.
  • How it works: Think of it like a secret language only you and your friend understand.

Data Integrity:

  • What it does: Ensures that data remains accurate and unchanged throughout its life.
  • How it works: Imagine putting a seal on a box, and later checking if the seal is still intact to confirm the contents haven’t been tampered with.

Digital Signature:

  • What it does: Electronically signs data to verify the sender’s identity.
  • How it works: It’s like a virtual signature on an electronic document, ensuring it’s genuine and not forged.

Authentication Exchange:

  • What it does: Two entities exchange messages to prove their identities.
  • How it works: Picture a secret handshake between friends – it’s a way of confirming, “Yes, you are who you say you are.”

Traffic Padding:

  • What it does: Inserts fake data into the communication to confuse eavesdroppers.
  • How it works: Imagine adding random conversations into your phone calls to make it difficult for someone listening to understand the real information.

Routing Control:

  • What it does: Constantly changes the route of data transmission to prevent eavesdropping.
  • How it works: Like taking different routes home every day to avoid someone following you.


  • What it does: Involves a trusted third party to oversee communication between entities.
  • How it works: Think of it as having a referee or a judge in a game, making sure everything is fair and documented.

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