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Discuss briefly the term rootkit.

  1. What is a Rootkit?
    • A rootkit is like a sneaky computer program designed to secretly keep control over a computer.
  2. Why is it called a Rootkit?
    • “Root” refers to the top-level admin account on Unix/Linux systems, and “kit” means the collection of tools that make it work.
  3. What does a Rootkit do?
    • It gives the person controlling it (usually a hacker) high-level access to a computer or network, while making sure its presence remains hidden.
  4. When are Rootkits used?
    • They are often associated with malicious software like Trojans, worms, and viruses. These programs want to stay hidden to carry out their actions without users knowing.
  5. What can a Rootkit do once installed?
    • It allows the hacker to control the computer remotely. They can run files, change system settings, and essentially use the computer without the owner realizing it.
  6. How does it affect user privacy?
    • A rootkit can access log files and spy on what the computer owner is doing, compromising their privacy.
  7. How can Rootkits be detected?
    • There are a few ways to catch them:
      • Behavioral-based methods: Watching for unusual actions or behaviors.
      • Signature scanning: Looking for known patterns of rootkit code.
      • Memory dump analysis: Examining the computer’s memory for signs of a rootkit.

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