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Write short note on security policy used for computer systems.

General Policies:

  • Purpose: These rules determine what level of access and rights staff members have on the computer systems.
  • Disaster Preparedness: The policy is also part of the communication protocol, ready to prevent potential disasters.

Server Policies:

  • Access Rights: These rules define who can access specific servers and what actions they are allowed to perform.
  • Software and Internet Usage: It outlines which software is permitted, the level of internet access, and guidelines for software updates.

Firewall Access and Configuration Policies:

  • Authorized Access: States who has permission to access the firewall and in what capacity (e.g., monitoring or changing rules).
  • Port and Service Rules: Specifies which ports and services are allowed through the firewall.

Backup Policies:

  • Responsibility: Identifies who is responsible for performing backups.
  • Backup Details: Specifies what data should be backed up, where it should be stored, how long it should be retained, and the frequency of backups.

VPN Policies:

  • User Access: Determines which users are allowed to use VPNs and the extent of their access.
  • Partner Connections: For partnerships, it establishes the access level and encryption standards for external networks connecting through VPNs.

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